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Are The Packers Pretenders Or Contenders?

The Packer’s season so far has been quite the roller coaster. Starting in week 1 where Aaron Rodgers suffered a pretty significant knee sprain, and came back to win against the bears, to the nail-biting win against the 49ers in week 6 which shouldn’t of been as competitive as it was.

With the inconsistencies the Packers has shown thus far I think it’s fair to start thinking if this team has what it takes to compete against the top teams in the NFL. Let’s take a look at Packers Offensive and Defensive season stats so far.

  • Passing Offense: 317 Yards Per Game (Rank 4th)
  • Rushing Offense: 103.7 Yards Per game (Rank 20th)
  • Total Offense: 421 Yards Per Game (Rank 4th)
  • Points Scored: 24.7 Points Per Game (Rank 16th)
  • Passing Defense: 211.8 Yards Per Game (Rank 5th)
  • Rushing Defense: 116.50 Yards Per Game (Rank 22nd)
  • Total Yards Allowed: 328.3 Yards Per Game (Rank 8th)
  • Points Allowed: 24 Points Per Game (Rank 15th)

Now some may think that their Passing Defense numbers might be inflated because of the shutout against the bottom of the league Bills, and the short field the Packers kept giving the Lions. But the Packers have only given up 300 yards or more to one QB this year which was Kirk Cousins.

On the flip side thought the Packers run defense is near the bottom of the league. Which will be exploited when they face Todd Gurley this week who is averaging 4.8 yards per carry and 686 rushing yards on the season. In addition to his rushing prowess he is also a focus point in the passing game by amassing 25 receptions for 270 yards. He can single handedly control this game which will help keep Aaron Rodgers off the field.

The Packers currently sit at 3-2-1 on the season which is 2nd in the NFC North. If the season ended today the Packers would currently be in the 6th seed for the NFC in the playoffs. The Packers very much have a chance to get to one of the top 2 seeds, but they will need to get through this tough stretch of the schedule first.

  • Week 8: At Rams
  • Week 9: At Patriots
  • Week 10: Dolphins
  • Week 11: At Seahawks
  • Week 12: At Vikings

The Packers could easily go 2-3 possibly 1-4 (Playing at Seattle is never easy). The Packers average margin of victory this year is at 8 points. Take out the blowout against the Bills and that drops to 2 points. In the games they have lost the margin is 11 points. So from the looks of it either we win in dramatic fashion or we lose by two possessions. To put it in perspective the Packers ranked 17th in scoring margin in the league.

This is the point of the season that is going to make or break the Packers and show the league that they can be part of the elite teams in the NFL or just be middle of the pack. Even with the Packers having a top 5 passing attack in the league the Packers have shown that they can’t always win on that alone.

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